Warrior at Heart Board of Directors Announcement


The Warrior at Heart Ministry (WAHM) will be obedient to the request of the Federal, State, and local governments and to the Department of Public Health.  Therefore, the ministry will not be organizing official meetings of 10 or more people (or whatever the most recent restrictions are) during this period of isolation.  

Whatever the circumstances in your personal life, we pray you will use this opportunity wisely by spending quality time with the Lord and your loved ones.  What a wonderful blessing we have to take our relationship with Jesus to a new level during this “downtime”!   Please make it a priority to also stay in touch with your Brothers. Fill them with hope and encouragement.

God Bless,

Pat Ralston, President

Warrior at Heart Ministry

970 640-4125

...the Lord will pass over the door and will not allow the destroyer to enter your houses to strike you.  Exodus 12:23

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